Roll lawn
The lawn is a velvet base of delicate emerald greenery, which will add home comfort and noble luxury to your plot.
Seed material - perennial cereals, will make the microclimate of your site comfortable and fresh, and will give landscape compositions a neat look, and will favorably emphasize the overall design of your home.
Roll lawn
Rolled lawns are good because they are ready for full use in less than a month after their creation, since the active growth of sowing grass takes place in special nurseries with professional care. In addition, you can enjoy the neat lawn grass without worrying about weeds, that is, unnecessary worries will bypass the owner of the rolled lawn.
The disadvantage of this type of lawn covering is the need to roll out the roll for 5, maximum 8 days, since in case of delay, there may be problems with the adaptation of the lawn grass to your soil.
Lawns are divided into two types: roll and sowing. The best specialists of the Wedfloring service company in Kherson will help you choose the most suitable lawn coverage option that will ideally match the soil on your site, as well as meet all your requirements and wishes.
Sowing lawn
The main advantage of the sowing lawn can be safely called an affordable price. Wedfloring professionals will prepare the soil for sowing grass crops as soon as possible, dig up, moisten and reclaim the soil, after creating favorable conditions, the sowing process will follow. In our practice, we use only high-quality seeds that are fully adapted to the conditions of our climate.
The only significant drawback of this type of lawn is the relatively long time before the final result is obtained.
How we are working?
You leave a request on the site or call by phone. Our manager contacts you and clarifies the information. Our specialist visits your site. We draw up and approve the estimate, conclude an agreement with you. We carry out work on the creation of a lawn. You accept the work done. We provide a guarantee for the work performed.
In addition to the main types of lawns, there are many subspecies, for example: sports lawn, Mauritanian, decorative and many others.
Mauritanian lawns are very beautiful, since flower seeds with different flowering periods are mixed with cereal seeds. Such lawns are used as decorative compositions.

Sports lawns are great for playing together, they are resistant to trampling and have high regeneration.

Decorative lawns have a soft, dense surface that gives nobility and a beautiful look to any area, an excellent basis for any landscape composition.
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