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Wedfloring is a service company that operates steadily and confidently in the production and business outsourcing market.

Initially offering a professional cleaning service, we became one of the first companies in Ukraine that grew to provide comprehensive facility management services.

In a short time, with the support and trust of customers, Wedfloring has formed a comprehensive portfolio of services for the full cycle of housekeeping.
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When opening the gate of any estate, the first thing that catches your eye is the paths winding in different directions. No matter how landscaped the site is, equipped with attractive MAFs, planted with magnificent flowers or illuminated with all the colors of the rainbow, the presence of clay paths or trampled paths will completely ruin the whole impression of the efforts of the owners. It is not at all difficult to resolve the issue with garden paths, the best Wedfloring specialists are ready to provide you with all the necessary assistance.
The variety of materials used to make garden paths is surprising. The easiest and most cost effective option is gravel paths. The construction technology of such paths includes several stages: geotextile is laid in the first layer, a crushed stone-clay pad on top, and at the final stage, the entire territory of the path is covered with gravel. The result is a stylish track that will not be washed away by the rains, and which will serve you for many years. Gravel paths require regular maintenance, especially in the autumn period, and they are also not intended as main roads, it will be extremely inconvenient to move along them by car.
Our advantages
Availability of all permits for work
Strict standardization of technical and technological processes
24/7 support
Qualified personnel
Specialized equipment and consumables
Professional reputation
High quality of services
A wide range of services
Qualified personnel
Professional detergents, inventory and consumables
Flexible pricing policy
Regularly operating loyalty programs
Staff of the best specialists
Transparent estimate
Optimization and cost minimization system
Use of exclusively high-quality planting material and decorative elements from leading manufacturers
Project approach to work
Maintenance of the project in the future
Sandstone paths are also popular.
Such paths differ from gravel paths in their strength, and the natural rough surface of the stone will provide safety even during the winter ice. A large palette of color shades will allow you to choose a track or to compose an ornament of the future road surface for every taste. In addition to the listed advantages, sandstone paths have a low cost.
There are two ways of laying sandstone: paving on a concrete base and installing a walkway without pre-concreting. The second option provides for periodic track correction.

Natural stone paths are the most durable, reliable and effective. Natural stone will add sophistication to your homestead and will suit any landscape and design. You are free to choose the bend of the paths, the size and type of stones to your taste, you can be sure that the result will not disappoint you. A significant disadvantage is the high cost of the material, but it is fully compensated for by the eternity, strength and chic look of stone paths.